Selected Discography

as Rick Weaver

The Living Stereo (forthcoming)
Blue Sky (forthcoming)
The Perfect Man (Bezoar Formations)
Black Medicine (More Records)

as The Four Hands

v/a – Splenic Injuries: 10 year anniversary compilation
v/a – Nifty Fifty Compilation
Hand Hotel Welcome Kit

as Dinner Music

Dinner Music / Roni Papple split c8 (2009)
Tape Breath for Baby Sister chapbook w/ poems, illustrations, & cassette (2010)
Night Burger / Dinner Music “Lookin’ For A Love” c8 (2010)
Dinner Music – Clam Date OST c40 (2010)
Dinner Music – Christopher Scripture (OST to Untitled Moving Picture No. 1, Winter Term) c92 (2011)
J. Zagers / Dinner Music “King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O” c8 (Mutual Deterioration Society / Vanity ’96) (2011)
v/a Tape Fantasy II (Moontrash) c62 (2011)
Dinner Music – Mule on Tape (I Just Live Here) c46 (2011)
v/a A Tarty Summer’s Portrait (Cum Sun Curiosities) cs (2011)
Cubicle / Dinner Music split (Human Conduct) cs (2011)
Dinner Music – Electric Hokum (Bathetic) cs (2011)
v/a Rhizomatic St. Louis (Close/Far) cs (2012)
Dinner Music mixtape June, 2012
Dinner Music – Tomb of Comb (Bathetic) cs (2012)
Dinner Music – Kissing Cousins (Golden Cloud Tapes) cs (2012)
Dinner Music – Blood Quantum (Spleencoffin) cs (2013)

as The Ruined Frame

Sister City
Breath & Pulse
The Weight of ALL Filth
The 7,000 Corners
Daily American Torture (split w/ Legless)
Big Dumb Blur

as Random Events in a Dying Universe

parts one through six

selected videography:

Girl Full of Joy (music video for Profligate)
w/ Bridget Venuti, Carlos Gonzalez, Adam Keith, Eric Brittain, Evan Lipson, & Lara Dempsey

Key Conduction (music video for Jeff Zagers)
w/ Bridget Venuti, Evan Lipson

Black Medicine

Attic of Woes
w/ Zack Kouns, Morgan Garrett

w/ Adam Keith, Jake Head, Hali Wilmunnson, Ronny Burke, Brandon Walsh, Sophia Kim, Kendra Dorman, Alex Cargile, Beth Cooper, Justin Smith, Lazer Lopez, Vinnie Smith

The Buoy Room
w/ Megan Hollenbeck, Bridget Venuti, & Evan Lipson

Shed of Fools
w/ Zack Kouns, Morgan Garrett, & Jeremy Harris

Vanishing Act
w/ Dennis Palmer & Megan Hollenbeck

Priest in the Laboratory (music video for White Suns)
w/ Chizmo & Mr. Ben

Blood Quantum
w/ Tiffany Minx, Zak Marmalefsky, Rick Wilson, Larva Lu, & Zeng

Fourth Sheath
w/ N.N.N. Cook

Toledo Tuxedo
w/ Chad Eivens & Ben Stegman

Zone G
w/ Rick Wilson, Melanympha, Zak Marmalefsky, Quenby Wilson, Kevin Harris, Umbilicus, Tristan Lopez, Stella Illona, Corey Hucks, Esra Padgett, Jeff Witscher, Renado Stumpo, Chad Eivens, & Dave Stone

I Heard You Could See Baltimore from There (music video for Normal Love)
w/ Lara Dempsey, Tiffany Minx, Chad Eivins, Ben Stegman, & Mel Trad

Lover’s Cove
w/ Rick Wilson, Chloe Bethany, Larva Lu, Kruti Thakkar, Mr. Curious, Mr. Ben, Taka

Intimate Moments: A Spirited Slumber
w/ Blyre Cpanx, Melanympha, Jeff Zagers, Cansas Bell, Melissa Debus, Rick Wilson

Dirty Doubler
w/ Larva Lu & Mr. Ben

Rubber Biscuit
w/ Larva Lu

Gravois Graveyard
w/ David Kellermann, Sam Rosenberg, Tim Shaw, Aaron Waesche, Melissa Debus, & Larva Lu

White Famine
w/ Melissa Debus

Electric Hokum
w/ Larva Lu

Untitled Moving Picture No. 1
w/ J.G. Harris, Larva Lu, Christine Jones, Tomas Bennett, Kevin Esposito & Wendy Hyatt

Clam Date
w/ Larva Lu & Mike Pagano